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historical evolution-k8凯发

as early as the 1920s and 1930s, sichuan university set up art majors such as fine arts and music, and enrolled four-year undergraduates. it has cultivated and delivered a batch of artistic talents for the society. at that time, huang binhong, the most outstanding master of landscape painting in the history of modern chinese painting, was employed by sichuan university as a professor of landscape painting course. due to the special historical background of war and social unrest, the art majors were suspended from the 1940s for more than 50 years. however, the long history of art education, long-term practice of art education and the tradition of advocating culture and arts as inherited by the teachers and students of sichuan university have accumulated solid basic conditions for running school for the construction and development of the arts college of sichuan university. in the 1990s, in the reform of vigorous enhancement of comprehensive disciplinary strength, sichuan university became the earliest university to resume art education in 1996 and established the arts college.