three professors philippe cinquin, eva-k8凯发

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three professors philippe cinquin, eva-k8凯发

to further promote national first-class specialty construction, “practice and international course week” of fine arts department in 2021 (university immersion program, hereinafter referred to as uip) invites prof. philippe cinquini from shanghai institute of foreign languages, prof. eva-mariaseng from university of paderborn and oh,young min from central academy of fine arts to bring three all english courses of art history, design history and korean art history respectively via online and offline teaching modes.

teacher zhao chengqing and teacher dusong of the fine arts department act as chinese teaching assistants of the courses. these courses bring new academic visions for students and the teaching of professors brings china into a worldwide academic perspective, which greatly exploits the thoughts of students.

teaching of prof. philippe cinquini

prof. philippe cinquini is discussing with the students

online teaching of prof. eva-mariaseng

associate professor zhao chengqing is communicating with prof. eva- mariaseng in class

online teaching of teacher oh,young min

students group photo with teacher oh,young min after class